Creekside Trail

Our NPP Grant to repair the trail along the creek was APPROVED and the repairs have been COMPLETED as of Summer 2018!!!!

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This means the Neighborhood Partnering Program will help us make much needed repairs to our trail! See Details HERE

The current paved trail is getting worse rapidly. In addition there is a endangered Jollyville Salamander’s habitat along the trail and continued erosion might cause the habitat and salamander some problems. We proposed that we fix these issues which would make the trail bike and stroller worthy and once the Connector Trail to Walnut Metro Creek Park is complete it will make for a very nice loop around the edge of Balcones Park.

In order to win this grant we promised to provide 1,522 volunteer hours in the next 2 years and $9,302 in the next 1 year!

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The Creekside Trail Repairs raised $1,900 in funds during Amplify Austin but still have a little ways to go. If you would like to help us reach our goal and see a beautiful 1+ mile loop be completed around Balcones Park! Click HERE to Donate TODAY!


Or Volunteer Saturday, March 11th from 10am to 2pm at the rescheduled It’s My Park Day!