Donate to Park

An update as of 12/20/17, funds raised for the creekside trail repairs grant are now at $2,971, so we are only $6,332 away from what we need to provide our portion of the grant which will cover trail signage, maps, relandscaping of the pool and new trashcans.

Thanks to all those who donated to Balcones Park during Amplify Austin! TheĀ  $2,684 will go a long way to get to the $9,302 that we need to meet our requirement to earn the NPP grant for approx. $115,000!

If you missed the event but would like to help us reach the goal read on…

Other Ways to Donate:
Donating is simple, just choose from the options below. Every penny will go toward the Balcones Park Project and once we raise $15,000 we get $200,000 in grants! (Please consider making larger donations via check to save the cost of fees.)

Note: Many employers (Dell, Apple, etc) offer a donor matching program, so you can double your donation by giving through your company to Austin Parks Foundation – Balcones Park. (Please try to note that it is for Balcones Park). PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ALSO EMAIL US at with the details so we can make sure the funds actually get to Balcones Park.

OR to save us the processing fees & make every penny count:

  • Mail a check to MNA (if possible please also include the Park Donor Form)
    Milwood Neighborhood Association (Co-Adopters of Balcones Park)
    P.O. Box 81224
    Austin TX, 78708-1224
  • A face to face drop off. Just email or call 512-636-9176If you have any questions or technical problems, please feel free to contact us.

    If you have ideas on how to help us raise the funds contact us at or call 512-636-9176!!