Donate to Balcones Park through Amplify Austin March 1st thru 2nd to help improve bathrooms!

Donate Now to help us Improve our Park and Pool bathrooms at Balcones Park through Amplify Austin! And as a bonus Austin Parks Foundation will match the first $3,500!

Click Here to Donate or Learn More:

Please share to family and friends and fellow park users!

This year we hope to try and make improvements to the bathrooms on both the park side and the pool side. We are excited that this benefit will enable us to better serve pool guests during the summer as well as park users year-round.

Ideally we would raise enough to replace the toilets, sinks, and lighting fixtures but if not we will do the most with what we receive – starting with the park bathrooms since they are used year round! If we surpass our goal, any additional funds would be used to make additional improvements to lifeguard hut, showers, and doors.

Please help us by making a donation!

Our park is well loved and the new playground and relatively new pool shade has been great in bringing people to our park. These additional Bathroom Improvements would go a very long way in increasing the enjoyment of park users as well so we are hopeful that we can make it happen! Thank you!!

A special Thanks to Austin Parks Foundation and PARD for their continued support of our park!

See pictures of project here.

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