N. Walnut Creek Trail

UPDATE as of 9/27/18: Progress is underway and we are hopeful the project is moving along as expected and should be complete by 2019.

Balcones Park Trail Meeting April 6, 2017 at 6:30pm
Covenant United Methodist Church (4410 Duval Road Austin, TX 78727)

We have been working very hard for YEARS to get this trail completed in a way that provides the best alignment for the users, park, and the environment. And we are SO close! This will likely be our last chance to weigh in on the plans and timeline. A high attendance will definitely show our neighborhoods’ passion for this trail to happen and happen quickly and result in the best product. The city has been working to hear our requests which have included shortening the project’s timeline, the alignment, the grade, the low water crossing and more! So we are thankful of that and it moving in the right direction BUT the more bodies we get there tonight, the better off we are. If you can – please attend.

We will also be giving a brief update on the Creekside Trail Repairs and that $117,000+ grant of which we still need to raise $6,000+ in matching funds!

Specifically, the meeting will be covering the Northern Walnut Creek Trail Segments from Mopac until connection into the trailhead in Balcones Park. Also to include the northern stage of Phase 1A (segments 3, 4, and 5) south of Scribe Drive between Amherst Drive and the south side of the baseball field in the Balcones District Park.

Also a huge shout out to Erik Harris who has poured so so many hours into this project!

Also Thanks to Clary Harris and Public Works staff who have graciously been working to implement our feedback into the trail design!

Microsoft Word - Northern Walnut Creek Trail Phase 1A_Public Out